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July 2016 - Welsh Champion!
Since joining us last summer, Pete and James have been busy shooting in local Lancashire League shoots and Open Shoots in Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Feeling confident the lads tried their luck over the border in Wales at Draig Goch, for the Welsh Championships. Pete put up a good fight but only managed to tie for last place in the Gents AFB! However James came away with Gold Medal in the Boys Under 12 American Flatbow. Well done James!

October 2015 - New Members
Well its been a busy time following the summer holidays, with Autumn upon us and the nights drawing in we've seen a rush of new members joining the club.

I'd like to welcome Pete and James McGiffen, Matt Hardman, Andrew and Jamie Higginbotham, and Dave Hurt, who've all spent a good few evenings with us now and been bitten by the Field Archery bug.

In the meantime here are a couple of shots of Pete and James getting to know Sabdens infamous slopes :

19 Apr 2014 - Introductory Course
Jon brought along his wife Stephanie and his daughter Jenny to make for a fun family day out.
Son Alex enjoyed showing off his prowess as he started a while ago. Turns out the whole family are a bit competitive, especially when it came to shooting the teddy!
Andy brought his little 6yr old daughter Caelyn with the cutest little bow ever. By the end of the day she was popping balloons just for fun. The last 3 with just 3 arrows!

19 Apr 2014 - Introductory Course
Welcome to new member Collette :-)  Half an hour after wandering into the church she was 'hooked' on archery and signed up as a member! No holding her back at first coaching session up the woods, she's soooo full of enthusiasm.

13 Apr 2014 - Field & Roving Archers Society (FARAS) shoot - Monmouth
Some members got up stupidly early for a drive down to the depths of Wales. The weather was hot and sunny, the company great, and they even laid on free food and cider at lunch! Theres nothing quite like drawing your bow back to your ear and loosing off at targets 250yds away. 'Av it!  Even better, Andrew beat them at their own game again by coming second (was first last shoot).

Apr 2014 : Sabden Fold Archers Open Shoot
Well, someone definitely forgot to book the weather! A challenging course laid out when it was dry turned into a mudfest.  Field Archers are a hardy bunch though and made the best of it. Fortified by Andrews cooking they braved the conditions and turned in some very good scores. The kids did very well again, with Kiae, Sebastion and Amelie coming first in their classes. Very well done to them :-)

30 May 2014 : Lancashire League Shoot - Foxhill
The usual great course at Foxhill, this time laid out by Chris. There were a couple of memorable events to remember. Jon decided that rather trying to shoot around the trees - he would try shooting THROUGH them!  Then Suzi thought that if she got a 24 she could keep the target!

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