Sabden Fold Archers - Traditional Field Archers
Hello and Welcome to Sabden Fold Archers...

Club Information and History
Formed in 2006, Sabden Fold Archers is a field archery club associated with the National Field Archery Society ( NFAS) and has many members who also shoot with the Field and Roving Archery Society (FARAS). The Club is based at Sabden Fold Farm, which is, strangely enough in Sabden Fold, making the choice of name quite appropriate.
 The club members, chose as Club President Jack Belcher, a well known bowyer and archer of a great many years standing... also a few sitting.
Every year during one of the open shoots we shall be presenting the John Lee Memorial Trophy in honour of the farmer from whom we rent our woodland. Sadly, John died in 2006 and his son, Martin, has been kind enough to let us continue the use of the woodland.

What is Field Archery ?
Although the basic principles of archery are the same, field archery is NOT the same as target archery that you may have seen on TV in the Olympics. Field archery involves shooting at 2D and 3D animal targets at unmarked distances over rough and rugged, normally wooded terrain, in the great outdoors, regardless of weather conditions. The skill and experience of the archer is essential as no two targets are ever the same distance or type, unlike target archery. Competition shoots are held all year round unlike other sports, and there are currently 10 different equipment styles to choose from. Whether it be Robin Hood or Rambo style gear,its all catered for.

Where and when do we meet ?
In the Spring and Summer we meet outside at Sabden Fold Farm in Sabden Fold on the side of Pendle Hill near Burnley in Lancashire (if you're not sure where that is, the post code for sat nav is BB12 9LS)  on Wednesday evenings. Shooting starts at 6:30pm and carries on until it's too dark to see what we've hit when we all move into the nice warm hut.
In the winter when the weather turns glum and the nights draw in, we meet inside on Wednesday evenings at Longholme Methodist Church on James St. in Rawtenstall, Rossendale, BB4 7NE. It's the church behind the temperance bar, park in front of Boots. Shooting starts at 7:30pm and finishes when we get too thirsty to carry on, or 9:00pm, whichever comes first.

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 WARNING!!!These are real weapons and in the wrong hands are capable of serious injury or death .This is NOT the equipment you may have used in a fun competition on holiday, outdoor adventure day etc..Like any weapon,taken seriously and handled with care, archery is a fun, safe and enjoyable activity for all ages, that commands respect from the archer and admiration from non archers.
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